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Thursday, December 30, 2004


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My link blog !!!

Check out my link blog at msn spaces. MSN spaces is kinda growing on me given its ability to accept emails and the ease of use.

also very soon i am planning a new blog at msdn where i can put my technical thoughts. keep watching the space !!!


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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Vegas Rocks !!!

I had my first trip to vegas this christmas vacation for 4 days. I had an incredible time. My girlfren and I ended up visiting all the hotels on the strip (Las vegas Blvd). My favourite ones are Mandalay Bay and The Venetian. I loved the modern interiors of Mandalay Bay and also various scluptures inside. The Venetian has this incredible look once you are inside with its fake sky ceiling.

Hotel rooms in Luxor (only pyramidal shaped hotel in this world) looked scary to live in :)

Dough and Gambling ....
I lost some dough on my first day but i learnt fast how to gamble and recuperated my balances by the End of the trip. Slots are most wasteful unless you are thirsty. If you need a drink you should sit down on a slot machine and enjoy the free cocktail service in every casino. I enjoyed playing Roulette. Apparently craps and blackjack are two games where you have best odds for winning but i dint do too bad on roulette as well.

Mistakes ..

U should never think that you can walk the entire strip. Its waste of time and energy. First day we decided to walk and we couldnt even finish quarter of it. There is lot of walking involved inside the hotels so you should always drive till the hotels .. if u dont have a car you should take the day pass for the trolleys that takes you from one hotel to another.

Another mistake is to start your day early. Vegas is all about nite life. You should not get on the roads before evening. And then have fun the entire nite.

Vegas is also a hotel experience. Its allright to pay extra to stay in a good hotel right on the strip. It really adds to the trip. I stayed in stratosphere, hotel that is at the end of the strip. Not a bad hotel but kinda far from the main attractions.

Must see ..

Siegfield and Roy secret garden.
Erupting Volcano at the Mirage
Dancing fountains infront of Bellagio
Gondola rides in the Venetion
Pirates show at the Treasure Island
Forum shops @ Ceasors Palace - permium shops for window shopping :)
Bungee jumping at nite / reverse bungee and the ride at the top of stratosphere / another thrilling roller coasters at new york new york and at sahara.

and the list goes on .. i just listed some of the best fres stuff you could do. And ofcourse you can pay for the myriad of shows. We dint watch any of the shows for they were extremely costly and we dint have so much time to kill.

Am uploading a couple of photos ... also will write more as and when i get more time.


Christmas vacation in vegas .. infront of Sahara hotel Posted by Hello

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