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Thursday, March 09, 2006


hope and fear !!!

more and more i live and more i think about it.. more i talk about it with my friends and more i observe... i can zero in "hope and fear". These are the most powerful emotions that drives me and my actions. I would not care about making a general statement here because it doesnt matter to me. I will simply assume this is true for most of us. There must be exceptions and I will keep looking for them. Like pundits who claim they are free soul - free from fear and hope. Well !! It doesnt matter. I am talking about me and my "Id".

There is this spot light. All i have to do is to decide whether i should step into it or not. Once in it I need to perform. I have performed before alot of times but noone was watching. This time I am watching. And I am not sure if the performance is going to succeed or not.

I hope that I take that step and I fear myself that I will.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I Love Hawaii !!!

hawaii 120
Originally uploaded by vgarg.
I was going through my pics to find a desktop wall paper, when i found this one. All snorkelling memories keep coming back. hawaii keeps coming back ... i need another vacation to hawaii. i wish msft opens an office there (mebbe buy one of those smaller islands) and entire redmond shifts there.

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