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Thursday, July 28, 2005


MSN Search loves me !!!

compare search on my name here at msn and here at google. MSN has first 3 links pointing to me. when google does a mix with other people with the same name. Interestingly google has first link to my Odeo profile. I dint know Odeo is doing that. It has my page that shows my contact and list of podcasts i am downloading. What if i dint want world to know that i've been sub to suicidegirls :)

Mebbe there is an option on Odeo to make it all private .. podcasting have been fun (but thats for another time ) . enjoy msn search .. its getting better and better.

Monday, July 18, 2005


Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet !!!!

What a slick way of doing an aggregator + homepage + onestop shop for your needs .. simplicity at its best .. a very kewl use of AJAX. A very small team within Microsoft. Check out start.com.

I have known this link for a while and its being very lowkey .. not creating a lot of buzz.. mebbe intentional. But its not complete yet and have a long list of things to come. I am waiting for opml import so that i can say goodbye to all other aggregators i use (sharpreader & bloglines) .

enjoy a new start !!!

Friday, July 08, 2005


which site is using which server !!!

very very kewl stats here... i am blogging about this one so as not to lose this link .. i have stopped using bookmarks .. and started using blogmarks .. blogging + bookmarks .. .anyone ?

mebbe i shud use del.icio.us for this one .

Numbers speak for themselves .. note that we have 10 million domain registration already in 2005 and we might easily beat the record of 16 million domain registration in 2000 .. very exciting era for computing. I am thrilled with the air of innovation around and these numbers reaffirm the general excitement. Do you have a domain name yet ?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


YAHOO signin trouble !!!

I have been noticing from a month of so ... yahoo mail login prompts me for the password twice ... now i am almost convinced that I am typing the right password but somehow it rejects it first time. And accepts next time when I type the exact same password. Early on I was ignoring it thinking it was me who is trying to type blazingly fast and missing some keys ... or my keyboard isnt right . But now its reached the boiling point and started to irritate me. I inquired around and found that lot of other people are finding the same thing. Some of them have solutions like - do secure login and it will fix it. But i dont want to click on that secure button ..and i dont want to do any other fix ups. I want to enter my mail box if I type a right password. isnt that the first step ? ... is that so much to ask after so many years of yahoo being around. I even own some yahoo shares :(

Is Yahoo not listening to its customers anymore? Time to sell ?

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