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Thursday, June 30, 2005


coca-cola out of order in india !!!

Rencently i heard the news that University of Michigan is probating coke for its action in India and Columbia. Seems like Coke is on a tight leash in India for the horrible things they did ... 30% more pesticides than acceptable levels - I wonder how much coke i drank when i was in India last time. But thats not all .

According to the site Coca-Cola in India is Guilty of:
Causing Severe Water Shortages for Communities Across India
Polluting Groundwater and Soil Around its Bottling Facilities
Distributing its Toxic Waste as "Fertilizer" to Farmers
Selling Drinks with Extremely High Levels of Pesticides

more about this here. I am impressed by Amit Shrivastava - someone behind the cause.

Friday, June 24, 2005


Playing with Names !!!

letter rI\"A\" is for Atlantic
S\"h\"opNEl \"L\"

Earlier post i dint know i could simply copy and paste HTML from the app site to add it to the blog. So i had to screen clip using Microsoft Office's OneNote (what a great tool it is - but thats for another post) and save it as jpeg. Then upload to flickr to link it form this blog . Now this one is simply copyin and pasting html instead of going thru this rig :)

(btw if u guessing .. thats my wife's name right there)


your name from flickr

Originally uploaded by vgarg.
check out yet another kewl app using Flicr APIs. You can get your own name or any other word at


Monday, June 20, 2005


Solstice Parade !!!!

Originally uploaded by vgarg.
Check out the pics i have taken at Fremont solstice parade in Seattle. Richa and I joined the parade towards the end so we dint capture alot. Nonetheless it was lot of fun. !!!

Friday, June 10, 2005


my car is for sale !!!!

Originally uploaded by vgarg.
Recently i have put my car on the market to see how much it can get. Also there is a more sensible reason to it. We have one parking spot but two cars in d'town seattle and parking is freakin' expensive to rent. With all the mortgage payments et al we have decided to get rid of one of them. I love this car and if you want to buy it - you better take care of it. I am sure you will.

check out the more info at my space blog. and enjoy these car pictures here.

keep riding !!!

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