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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


update on blogtraction !!!

1. reading too many blog entries continously for hours can mess up with your brain given the amount of info to digest at the same time.
2. I shall divide my one hour of reading blogs into chunks. Mebbe couple of chunks of half an hr each.

my brain is going to blast ... i am going to get some caffeine. spills from recent blogtraction ... i love ipod shuffle .. also new head less mac looks kewl .. i have to give it to apple for their looks. scoble compared to PR .. yahoo desktop search .. core dump.

Will keep the space updated if i successfully quit blogtraction !!@#@$#@!!@

Monday, January 10, 2005


BLOGTRACTION - distraction or attraction?

Distraction from blogs is what i am calling blogtraction (its fun coining new terms starting with blog - latest fad). I am sure i am not the only one who is devoting more and more time reading blogs. I follow around twenty subscriptions now. I have added them to bloglines so that I can read them from anywhere. And I am coining new terms :)

I use sharpreaded on my desktop and it keeps on running. Anytime it updates new feed, it notifies me and if that catches my attention I can lose upto an hour reading more about the topic. The real problem is that I cannot cut down on other form of entertainment for blogs. I still watch movies. I still watch lot of TV. And I still play XBOX. Thing thats not happening alot lately is reading books. But I still manage to read something if I find interesting (like I read purple cow last week - and guess what. I got it's reference by reading joelonsoftware blog feeds). And last but in no means least, I still have lot of fun hanging out with my girlfren. And blogging is now slowly growing into this personal space. Before this goes too far I am creating some rules for myself as a preventive measure to blogtraction.

1. I am going to devote one and only one hour every day reading my blog entries. Or more if I have absolutely nothing to do.
2. At the time when i am reading my feeds I shall not do anything else.
3. I can devote as much time to write as I like since I am not a regular writer. This should change if I catch Cough Scobleizer Cough (writing 20 posts a day) unless i take up Evangelism.
4. I shall not run my aggregator in real time.

Is it distraction from blogs or attraction towards them?

Beware of blogtraction folks !!!!

PS: howz blogdiction - blog addiction.

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