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Sunday, May 15, 2005


Creating routes on google map !!!

Sometime I wonder what's stopping Google to go ahead and give full functionality of Street and Trips on Google Maps.

It cant be technical, I think if you can connect point A to B and B to C in two different maps you can do so in the same map showing routes in different colors. I cant be sure as I dont know the details of finding a route on a map ... may be I should consult someone like Chandu Thota and ask him this question or may be someone on the map point team. Or even better may be someone in google.

I will really appreciate this feature on google or mappoint. Anyone listening there .... ????

Thursday, May 05, 2005


moved to Seattle !!!

We finally moved to Seattle from east side last weekend. I am hoping that we wont complain any more about driving long distances when we have to party. We have bought a condo in belltown so we can pretty much walk down to most of the happening places... including art galleries, famous pike place market,the city library and not to forget night life.

Looking for the first weekend when we hit the street ... watch out Seattle !!!

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