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Monday, January 10, 2005


BLOGTRACTION - distraction or attraction?

Distraction from blogs is what i am calling blogtraction (its fun coining new terms starting with blog - latest fad). I am sure i am not the only one who is devoting more and more time reading blogs. I follow around twenty subscriptions now. I have added them to bloglines so that I can read them from anywhere. And I am coining new terms :)

I use sharpreaded on my desktop and it keeps on running. Anytime it updates new feed, it notifies me and if that catches my attention I can lose upto an hour reading more about the topic. The real problem is that I cannot cut down on other form of entertainment for blogs. I still watch movies. I still watch lot of TV. And I still play XBOX. Thing thats not happening alot lately is reading books. But I still manage to read something if I find interesting (like I read purple cow last week - and guess what. I got it's reference by reading joelonsoftware blog feeds). And last but in no means least, I still have lot of fun hanging out with my girlfren. And blogging is now slowly growing into this personal space. Before this goes too far I am creating some rules for myself as a preventive measure to blogtraction.

1. I am going to devote one and only one hour every day reading my blog entries. Or more if I have absolutely nothing to do.
2. At the time when i am reading my feeds I shall not do anything else.
3. I can devote as much time to write as I like since I am not a regular writer. This should change if I catch Cough Scobleizer Cough (writing 20 posts a day) unless i take up Evangelism.
4. I shall not run my aggregator in real time.

Is it distraction from blogs or attraction towards them?

Beware of blogtraction folks !!!!

PS: howz blogdiction - blog addiction.

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