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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


YAHOO signin trouble !!!

I have been noticing from a month of so ... yahoo mail login prompts me for the password twice ... now i am almost convinced that I am typing the right password but somehow it rejects it first time. And accepts next time when I type the exact same password. Early on I was ignoring it thinking it was me who is trying to type blazingly fast and missing some keys ... or my keyboard isnt right . But now its reached the boiling point and started to irritate me. I inquired around and found that lot of other people are finding the same thing. Some of them have solutions like - do secure login and it will fix it. But i dont want to click on that secure button ..and i dont want to do any other fix ups. I want to enter my mail box if I type a right password. isnt that the first step ? ... is that so much to ask after so many years of yahoo being around. I even own some yahoo shares :(

Is Yahoo not listening to its customers anymore? Time to sell ?

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