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Thursday, August 18, 2005


On top of little Si.

Originally uploaded by vgarg.
I have been trying to get to the summit (of any mt.) for sometime. I had a futile attempt sometime back when I with some of my friends tried to hike Mt. Si. That hike is a strenous one totalling 8 miles up and down. U guessed it right .. we couldnt finish it and turned back halfway. That day I decided that i wanted to reach a summit just to know how it feels. So couple of weekends back, when we decided to try our luck again, We chose an easier hike - thats why its called little Mt. Si. This one is around 5 miles up and down and its an easy mountain to hike .. so here we are. Richa and I are very glad we could make it all the way to the top and we hope we continue doing this !!!!

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