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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


blogger mingles rss feeds !!!

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I dont know if you guys have noticed it or not. I am sure you have if you subscribe to blogs from blogspot.com or if you own one. This cant be happening to just me three times in one month.

So this time i have saved it as a picture. Notice the topmost feed of my blog and this aint my blog. This is some Derek's blog who happens to be talking about alot of technology and microsoft. Which I could very well be writing about. He lives in Seattle too. How sneaky is that. Is it some new way of introducing similar blogs
as mine in my own rss feeds ???

First i thought it was my rss reador (i was using sharpreader at that time). Now i am completely hooked to IE 7 reader and it totally rocks. It happens on IE 7 too. Its not just my blog, it happens to some of my other subscriptions too, common thread is each of them served by blogspot.com.

I am sure there is some nasty bug in RSS generating multithreaded server thats lurking out there and hits me once in a while. Let me know if you get this too. btw here is the link to actual post by Derek.

More on IE 7 reader very soon.

When I was still at Microsoft, I had that problem a lot. My theory was that the proxy servers get confused. I've never really looked into it, but I could easily imagine that they do something like share IP addresses for multiple blogs, which could easily confuse a lot of proxy servers.

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