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Monday, January 23, 2006


The Sidebar Video !!!

If you are wondering whats that video doing in the sidebar and if you havent guessed it yet. #3 from the left is someone you might recognize.

here is the scoop on it.

This guy I know (TGIK now) pings me other day about this stupid video on google and asks me if i am the guy in the video. I was ofcourse in complete oblivion of what he was talking about. But it turns out that he was right. Apparently TGHK was looking for hindi songs on google video. You know how google video is promoting content piracy allowing you to upload any copyrighted material. But thats another story. You can watch full length feature film (Bollywood movies) on google video. Yeah .. so he was looking for one such movie that happened to be the song in the video and was tagged with it. They found it and were making fun of the Indian guys in the clip. Then suddenly it dawns on my friend that he knows one of them. I can only imagine how it must have felt like ... man. Your old school days come to haunt you and people around you take videos and post on internet. I look completely stoned in the video.

If you think this is embarrassing then check another one that was created that time. TGIK is frantically dancing in this video here.

[updated]: Sidebar video on google video is here

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