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Friday, February 03, 2006


One year down and counting !!!

Happy marriage anniversary to us. I cannot believe its already one year. Richa thinks it's all too weird and she doesnt understand how and why we got married. She is talking about it here.

It seems yesterday and so close that we decided to get married and everything happened one after another. But one thing is sure. After staying one year with her I know i was right. I was right every time when i reasoned myself into the relationship and to get married. Its an amazing decision to take and to stick with it. It feels like the single most important decision of my life and it was very rightly so.

This is our first anniversary and we dont have a clue what we do at our anniversary. So we are trying to go back in time and date each other. This week we already had two good dates, and one where i completely fumbled and Richa agreed that she wouldnt have picked me if she knew I was so hopeless. I hope I improve on tonite's date.

Here is the original call for marriage. We went through the invitaion and all our marriage pictures. You will enjoy them too. I hope blogger stays around and keep our marriage invitation alive for years to come... !!!

Just came across your blog somehow! Belated congrats to you and Richa on the anniversary. Funny, no one mentioned this in our group emails, etc. Anyways best wishes.

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