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Monday, April 17, 2006


wells fargo customer service !!

I wonder why all customer service phone calls end up in frustration. I would have a frustration index inbuilt into customer rep s/w which keeps track of the frustration level. This means everytime a customer hangs up, the phone rep will change the level depending on what went wrong. and next time when customer calls back , rep will be ready to treat and greet so as to enhance over all customer satisfaction. would it work ?

solutions aside. I had one such experience just now. All I wanted to know which of the 3 same looking wellsfargo CC links to my HELOC account. I have mortgage with them and so I have a regular visa, and two other credit cards on HELOC account, all differ only in color and account number. These numbers dont link to original account. I understand this is for my security so I called them. After entering my HELOC account number, loan number and SSN multiple times and some wait time I got through a customer rep. He said he cannot help me with my question and would transfer me to the CC dept. He does that and guess what? That dept. working hours are 4am to 7 pm PST and they dint pick up the phone.I dont have their phone number. Yeah.. the CC dept phone number. I will have to repeat this entire process on a weekday during normal hours. I would kill for a direct line. Next time when i call them - can they auto detect my frustration level and treat me better ?

I feel your pain! After multiple trips to the bank and phone calls trying to close a CC account and confusion with our HELOC, I'm ready to pull my hair out. Of course there are fees here and there to reverse after all the mismanagement. I'm moving to another bank.
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