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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Annette Lake hike !!!

annette lake hike 049
Originally uploaded by vgarg.

We did another hike of this season. Annette lake hike turned out to be a great one. Snow melted water was coming down with a great force. Sorrounding colors resonated with rainforest ambience. We even hit snow towards the end. We couldnt go all the way to summit. We were so not ready for the snow but in all it was a fun trip. Next is memorial day long weekend and I am planning a camping trip with my frens to Olympics National Park including shi shi beach. It should be lot of fun !!!

[Update] Nishant is talking about the hike on his exploremore blog . Note differences in picture quality. Flickr does far better job than msn spaces. Compare pictures he posted on spaces with my pictures on flickr. I think his are compressed more or may be he uploaded lower resolution pictures to save space. Also I couldnt get a link to his particular album in msn spaces as I could do using a tag in flickr. MSN spaces should allow tagging !!!

One question: How do i simulate a permalink likd of functionality on blogspot?

Photos: The phots on spaces is of very high resolution and hence the visual "unappeal". Try seeing the slide show :)

SPACES should allow tagging:)

Btw: you are an awesome photographer and maybe that is the difference
http://whenidrules.blogspot.com/2006/05/annette-lake-hike.html is the permalink of this post. its funny that they dont have a direct permalink button. but if you click to comment it takes you to that particular post.
I found a setting about backlinks that was turned off by default. now my posts show bakclinks if you want to link to one post.
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